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As warmer weather approaches, we are diving into the latest collections to discover the perfect festival pieces. We sat down with Jimmy Choo’s PR Organizer Camille Riviere to learn what’s currently happening in the world of one of our featured designers. She highlighted spring/summer must-haves and which pieces are essential for Coachella—or any festival!

Neiman Marcus: Your new collection is all about California. What elements of West Coast style inspire you?

Camille Riviere: The sunshine and positivity of California—with its blue sky punctuated by tall palm trees—played a part in the inspiration for the Spring/Summer Collection. I also love the idea of Hollywood glamour mixed with a vintage style—two elements that have always been referenced in Jimmy Choo. However, the modern side of L.A. also includes some incredible architecture, such as that of Richard Meier and Frank Gehry. These influences were combined to inspire the collection story.

NM: Beautiful weather can often make us dress more casually, but there is such a glamorous aspect to California style. Tell us about what we’ll see in the shoes.

CR: There are lots of artisanal details emphasized by the bright color palette showcased in the “Halley” statement sandal. The palette draws inspiration from the shades synonymous with California—buttercup, coral, and malibu. We took the idea of the palm motif and interpreted it across different styles throughout the collection from the “Mina” boot to the “Prova” wedge. The motif takes on a fresh guise in each silhouette.



NM: L.A. has become a particularly hot scene for modern art and architecture. Is this reflected in the collection?

CR: There are definitely elements of architectural influence reflected in the collection. Sandals are sculpted into heels that experiment with new angles in “Dora,” “Mayje,” and “Trix.”




NM: Which style icons do you picture wearing the shoes?

CR: A modern Marilyn Monroe. Someone with an effortless sense of style and laid-back glamour—a girl who is innately confident in herself and has a playful sense of fun.

NM: Why do you think festival style has resonated so strongly within the fashion world?

CR: Festivals have become the perfect platform to experiment with a more bohemian style—anything goes. There is a fun atmosphere and eclectic approach to fashion. Festivals have become a global catwalk for a more laid-back style where you aren’t taking yourself so seriously—you are in a fun mood.

NM: What would be your essentials to pack in preparation for the 2016 Coachella festival based on the different music genres?

CR: The “Mina” boot for a bohemian vibe and the “Vernie” ankle-tie flat in canyon tobacco suede.




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