5 Random Life Lessons I Learnt This Summer


Just when I think I’ve got it all figured out life throws these little life lessons disguised as curve balls, to throw you off course a little, may be test your resilience some more and possibly push your self belief to the limit.

At my age its nice to think there is little left to learn but it is that exact mentality which leaves you somewhat like a sitting duck.

“life throws these little life lessons disguised as curve balls”

So if you want to be a little less “sitting duck” and a little more “I got this!” then keep on reading for more of life’s little lessons which I learnt this summer.




Trust is something you don’t dish out for free. Trust is earned like a trophy and that shit does NOT come easy. If someone wants your trust they will earn it and if they are just out for a slice of your peacan pie I’m quietly confident they never will. 23

You cannot tell someone to trust you and expect them to do so, you show someone you are trust worthy first and foremost. I say this as someone who has spent the last god knows how long listening to those who TOLD me to trust them, rather than those who showed me I could and this Summer I made a choice to stop that. I now invest my time in those who took the time to earn mine, much like I made the time to earn theirs.

Fake Tan

Fake tanning needs to be a recognised art form! Because the time and dedication I have given to perfecting my tanning routine I believe it fully deserves it. No more orange hands or dry patchy skin I’ve nailed the tans that work, the routines that deliver and the shades that can fool even the most well trained eye, into believing this golden glow was a gift from heaven. No but seriously, Current faves are Bondi Sands and Coco Brown, its not always that sleek luxurious packaging that packs the best product.

Smoke & Mirrors

Not everything is as it seems. Not everyone is who they portray themselves to be and not everything is as perfect as they appear. So keep your head out of the clouds and ensure that YOU are always being you regardless of whether everyone else is trying to be someone else. It is all too easy to get caught up in the Smoke & Mirrors that people like to portray to the world so always remember; Be real, Be you and Follow your own damn dreams.




Luxury is Subjective

When I worked in French Connection in St. Albans, I remember walking in to Space NK and buying my first ever lipstick from NARS. It was a bright pink matte shade and I wore it whenever I could. At that time, that was the most self indulgent, luxurious thing I had ever done for myself. Now a days you may find me drowning under a sea of YSL, ByTerry and Giorgio Armani lipsticks in my tiny little office but I cling on to that day in St. Albans when I bought my very first one, I remember how much more expensive the carrier bag felt compared to the boots ones I was used to. I remember this feeling every time I eye up a new handbag or a pair of over priced shoes, because luxury has a completely different meaning for everyone. To be fair to myself, now a days luxury to me is a snuggle fest of a dressing down and some shearling slippers.

Best Friends

Those special people who totally accept you for you and all your over-the-top-italianess. Those mythical creatures who don’t come around often, those incredible humans who teach you about trust, friendship, empathy and selflessness. They are incredibly rare and yet the title “best friends” is thrown around as if it was utterly ordinary. For me, a best friend doesn’t share the same favourite handbag as you, in fact my best friend has a rucksack and it’s all practical and actually fits stuff that you need unlike my over priced Bulgari bag. But it’s one of those special parts of her that makes me realise why she is my best friend and why it took me 20 odd years to find her.

Imagery by Reece Chapman.


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