Beach Day

I think I’ve said this multiple times in the past, but the beach is truly my happy place. No matter how stressed I am, all of my worries just seem to melt away when I’m on the beach. The salt water breeze, sounds of waves crashing on the shore and sand underneath my toes makes me truly happy. One day when I retire, I want to move to the beach so I can go every day! 🙂 Anyway, this little two piece set made for the perfect beach cover-up last week… I just saw that it already sold out, but the lace bikini I’m wearing looks like it’s still in stock!Some of you may have seen on Twitter, but it’s official – Chris and I have a date and venue set for the wedding! We are so so excited, and I can’t wait to share some of the details soon. 🙂

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


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