// HELLO FRIDAY! I just got out from a meeting so I thought I could update quick before the next one starts. How are you today? I’m not so good actually. My wisdom tooth (the one that’s still not completely up yet) is inflamed again so I’m sitting here hungry as hell and I don’t know what’s worst, my rumbling stomach or the pain in my tooth when I eat.. Uhh.. I pulled out a wisdom tooth two years ago and I knew back then that I had to remove this one too, but I haven’t done it yet… I have to deal with it now, it’s best to just get rid of it.

But other than that I’m not gonna complain, cause it’s Friday! Here you have another look from the cozy streets of Bo-Kaap. This set is easy to both dress up and down and I love the mix between sexy and sporty! 🙂


Post  and Photos from: Kenza Zouiten


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