Tjo again gang! Last night I talked lot of denim in the H & M store on Hamngatan in Stockholm, where they kept open during the entire evening during Fashion Night. Fun & mission thanks H & M that you wanted me there! I built primarily upon the new models Feather Soft & 360 Stretch (I wear Feather Soft pictured here) that I showed up and styled in this blog last week, both of which are absolutely magical in its stretch.

I think it is interesting and important to highlight that the denim for many is actually something that is perceived as difficult and tedious, which I myself, for example, during my childhood had super trouble even finding a pair of jeans that fit at all because of me was very small and straight, until one day I suddenly got the butt and a little more forms. For it is just that there are so many different factors such as fit over the buttocks, waist and thighs that must fit at the same time in the test room. And as well as not always do that, it’s easy to become frustrated and rather abstain completely from jeans and claim that it has no “jean body.” But on the contrary, it is a concept that I think we should rata basis, then I am absolutely convinced that there is denim for everyone if you just have a little patience. Therefore, I think it is great that highlight precisely Feather Soft & 360 Stretch model, not only because they are news in H & M‘s range – but to the great flexibility and pliable feeling against the body makes them the new must haves in your wardrobe . For all. KISS!


Let’s talk some denim guys! For many this is something that almost induces stress, especially when you’re about to buy a new pair or inside the fitting room. Therefore I got really positive surprised about this model, Feather Soft which is a new arrival in H&M’s assortment and that’s really flexible against the body that makes them a pair of jeans that fits all women and body types. The name isn’t a chance either, since it has a really nice stretch and is promoted to be able to even do yoga in, haha. I get it though, because they really feel that feather soft to wear. 


Another new model at H&M is the 360 stretch, with a magical stretch at all directions just like the name tells. And thanks to the 360 stretch technique, these jeans are totally flexible against your body and your movement to keep the shape, both for comfort of course and to avoid for example bad fit over the knee and waist over time which at least I think is annoying. And just like the Feather Soft, they come in a lot of different washes with a good price tag. Perfect both for everyday use and to dress up for parties, to sneakers and heels!


Source Blog: Lisa Olsson


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