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Personally, I blame it on the Track Star trend ( think sweatshirts with jeans and heels, or sweatpants with blazer combos ), but I’ve been into sportswear a lot more than ever before as of late. Casually cool and comfortable, I think the look of sportswear has really changed over the last couple of years. Aside from having a very stylish moment right now, sportswear has gone beyond work out wear and has taken a firm position as a rather cool casual option to wear pretty much everywhere and with everything, which is probably the reason why I find it so appealing at the moment.

Take the sweatshirt I am wearing in today’s post for example. I’ve always been a fan of Nike when it came to sportswear because I could find stylish options which performed incredibly well and survived no matter whet kind of abuse I put them through, but this cropped baby-blue perfection of a pullover that has to be my favorite piece to date. Originally, I got it to wear when I go hiking. I start very early in the morning when it’s still quite chilly, so I wanted something cute and comfortable I can throw on when I need that extra layer, but it’s only recently that I realized it’s full potential.

Obviously a great option to wear to work out, I have since worn it with skinnies and heels ( love the combination of blue skinny denim, white heels and this sweatshirt in silver grey ), denim and leather minis, sequined midi skirts and high-waisted tailored trousers and it hasn’t failed to impress once. Personally, I think what makes it such a little statement maker is the cropped length but also the slightly oversized silhouette. Cute, comfortable but also just plain cool, to me, it’s one of the best examples of elevated sportswear I am so fond of at the moment!

What about you guys? Are you on board with the Track Star trend?

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