FINESSE by Neta Dover 2022 Wedding Dresses

Exquisite embellishments, statement sleeves and sophisticated silhouettes are just some of the breathtaking elements you’ll love in the 2022 FINESSE by Neta Dover bridal collection, which is an effortless blend of fairytale romance and modern glamour.

“The collection is inspired by the romance and ethereal essence of the fairytale world. I combined an array of 3D floral motifs with subtle, strategically placed sparkle on soft, sheer silk tulles and laces. The idea was to bring to life a otherworldly yet entirely feminine collection that is both sophisticated and romantic.” ~Neta Dover

Neta understands how a woman should look and pulls this into her designs. A well fitting handmade wedding dress based on high quality fabrics, uniqueness and premium level finishes.

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