Graphic outlines: how to use them and which ones will be a trend this 2023

Graphic Outlines Makeup

You are going to love these perfect eyeliners to wear on a night out

The boom of graphic eyeliners arrived in 2019 since the premiere of the series “Euphoria”, it is a fashion that is here to stay and we honestly love it! Since you can let your imagination fly and create the craziest and most eyeliner originals. We want you always to have a look of 10 and that is why today we will talk about graphic eyeliner, we will also tell you how to use them and which ones will be a trend this 2023.

The trends for this 2023 in graphic eyeliners will undoubtedly be those in pastel colors and white, if you are one of those girls who loves to try new colors and risk everything in makeup, then these will be your ideal option for this year. Do not get complicated! Remember that this type of eyeliner can be as complex or simple, from elaborate figures to a classic cat eye, but what will give it that final touch will be the color you choose.

Experiment with different types of colors in pastel tones, you can use combinations with neon colors to soft colors combined with strong colors. The design? You decide how difficult or easy the eyeliner you decide to use will be. Let your imagination fly and create different strokes that will make you look bigger and more feline.

How to use Them?

1 – Black and White

You can use them in many ways, but if what you want is to enlarge your look, we recommend combining two colors, in this case, white and black will be your best option. The key is to lengthen the eyeliner by making a foxy eye, this will give the visual effect that your eyes are larger and longer. This idea is ideal to use at work since it is very simple, it will take you less than 15 minutes to do it.

    Bling, bling! This is one of the perfect eyeliners to go out on a night out, to achieve it you need: glitter glue, silver glitter, and black eyeliner. Be careful, you must be careful when removing makeup so that the glitter does not get into your eyes because, in addition to hurting your pupil, it could be very harmful to the health of your eye. This is one of the perfect eyeliners to say bye to the classic cat eye.


One of our favorites, pebbles on the face is one of the trends that we never want to go out of style. Don’t know how to use the little stones in a different way? Then take note! You only need transparent eyelash glue, a wax tip, and little stones of the color you want. This makeup is very minimalist and will give an original touch to your entire beauty look. Do you dare to use it?


If you are more creative and want to experiment with trying slightly more elaborate lines, then figures such as flowers and dots will be your perfect option. It looks difficult, but quite the opposite! You only have to apply a shiny shadow of the color that you like the most, but be careful! It has to combine with the color of the eyeliner that you are going to use, draw some daisies on the sides to give it that fun touch, and finish with dots all over your mobile eyelid. Do you like it?

5 – Floating

This is one of the ideal eyeliners for girls who have drooping eyelids, this idea will open up and lift your eyes, to achieve this, follow the shape of the crease of your eyelid and mark a line in the tone that you like the most and join it with a straight line toward the outer corner of the eye. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect on you, nothing like a good Q-tip and micellar water to correct those little details.

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