So excited to bring you today’s post all about my love and obsession for our Hydrow plus a look into our new home gym! I’ve gotten so many questions about what equipment we’re going to have, so I thought I’d first show Michael and I’s favorite piece and the one we’re most excited about. If you haven’t heard of Hydrow, you’re in for a treat because like I said, it’s Michael and I’s absolute favorite way to work out! 

Personally, for Michael and I, we’ve always loved rowing as a workout. We used to go to gyms that had rowers, which is what initially got us into it, and after learning what an effective, full-body workout it is (it hits 86% of the muscles in your body), it was a no-brainer to have a Hydrow in our home gym. Using this machine we can burn double the calories we would in a cardio workout out in HALF the time. I usually clock around 500 calories burned in just 30 minutes on the Hydrow. My arms get toned so much faster when I’m rowing, it’s low impact so it’s easy on joints and there’s no jumping necessary. My parents actually bought a Hydrow after coming over to try ours because they were so blown away at the effectiveness and how fun it is to have the interactive experience.

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