Guys! I have been organizing and “Spring Cleaning” like a crazy lady all weekend! Wondering while I haven’t posted that much this weekend? Well that would be because I knees deep in toys, clothes, and kitchen clean out! It feel so good! The older I get the more I want to simplify everything. I’m so notorious for saying, “hmm, I don’t need this now but I know I will need it later” AND I KEEP IT! No, I’ve decided to get rid of it and go out a buy it again IF or when I need it!

Anyways, let’s get into how excited I am to share this outfit with you guys! I LOVE it! You have obviously seen I’ve been wearing these jeans NONstop. I honestly have to tell myself in the morning not to put them on because I have worn them way too much. But I just can’t resist! I am also in love with this blouse. Come the warmer weather I love the prints, the pops of colors, and the flowing of blouses! I paired it with the fabulous pair of wedges which I can’t stop wearing either! They are so comfortable and add the perfect cherry touch to any outfit – did I mention they are so comfortable? I’m also in love with this bag! I’ve had it for awhile now and it’s one of my go to’s! I love the size, the color, and the little tassel!

Going back to the jeans. I get a lot of questions about these. I actually own 2 pairs because I wasn’t sure on size. My advice would be to get you normal size. They don’t have much stretch to them at all but the do have a “give” after you wear them awhile. The first time I got a size larger which I loved but then after 1 wear I noticed they were a little looser than I wanted. That’s when I got the second pair that is my normal size and I LOVE them! I still wear the larger size with sweatshirt and comfy. But I love the way my normal size fits and they are so much more flattering! I have linked below some of my favorite deserted jeans right now below! I have been loving the destroyed look!


I wanted to share some of my favorite wedges with you guys too! Since I said they’re so comfortable I had to expand a little. I love the height they give to your legs and how they go with any outfit! They are fun, heels, but also casual and so summery! I have linked a couple styles below and I’m totally eyeing those blank pair! Need!


I hope you guys have a fun week coming up! We will be busy and getting ready for Easter! I’m excited to share with you guys some cute looks and don’t forget to check out my post prior to this about good Easter/Spring looks! I have also added my make up in the shop the look to make it easier for everyone! XO


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