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We all enjoy getting our summer glow on, from laying by the pool to having a barbeque to taking a cross-country road trip. For someone like Alessandra Ambrosio, who always seems to be in summer weather, this season is a time meant for being outside, so much so that you’ll hardly be at home! From the time you wake up, you’ll want to dash for the door to enjoy your next summer adventure; that’s why we’ve come up with an easy and everyday summer makeup routine that’ll leave your skin with a healthy natural glow and an effortless finish!

It’s All About that Base

The number 1 trick to getting a glowing summer visage? Starting off with a solid base. Be sure to apply a facial moisturizer that will keep your skin hydrated in all that sun exposure. Don’t forget a sunscreen, too, to protect your vulnerable skin from aging lines. Try a product that does both! We love a lightweight formula that makes your skin feel supple without any oily-ness.

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Light Coverage is the Way to Go!

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No one wants to feel like they have extra layers on their face in the unrelenting summer heat. Be sure to incorporate lightweight coverage options to serve as your summer foundation. Tinted moisturizers and BB creams are our top recommendations to minimize the amount of product you apply while giving your skin that creamy, smooth finish. Be sure to keep in mind that you might need a slightly darker shade for your summer tan.

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All Glowed Up

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To really set that summer vibe, you’ll need a golden touch. A shimmery bronzer is beautiful on all skin tones; be sure to grab a glow kit that incorporates several different colors and shades for a more natural blend. The best places to apply are where the sun naturally hits your face: just along your cheekbone, your temples, and just a touch on your jawline for some added definition.

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The Finishing Touches

You’re almost done! Finish off with a volumizing mascara, a barely there lip tint, and a subtle eyeshadow to pull the look together. These three products will give that extra pop to your makeup that will look natural and polished! And to keep that look lasting all day? Be sure to top off with a setting spray; it will keep your makeup in place despite the summer heat and any sweat from a long day!

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Take that Look to Night

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The sun’s gone down but you’re still not ready to call it a day! Give your makeup a quick touch-up and take it into night with just a couple of steps. A little brow pencil will give your face some definition and a fierce quality. Swipe on a gel eyeliner and slightly smudge to give your eyes an easy, smoke-y sultriness.

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When the Day is Done

After a long summer day, you might feel tempted to hit the sheets the second you get home (after all, it’s only a quick 8 hours before your next action-packed day!). But before you do, be sure to give your skin what it needs so that it can be rested and refreshed for the next day, too. A gentle exfoliator will lift off the day’s makeup and any dirt or particles that your face has inevitably endured. A hydrating sheet mask is Alessandra’s favorite tool to seal in moisture overnight!

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