We all have that bin of miscellaneous activewear accessories.

A collection of hand-me-down headbands from a sister, assorted reusable water bottles, and some accidently borrowed-forever barre socks from the local studio – nostalgic, but not necessarily a source of inspo for getting that mid-week sweat in.

On days where you’re searching for any off variable to be the excuse that’ll allow you to skip the power sculpt class you signed up for tonight (yes, a slight breeze in the wrong direction suffices on certain days), you’d be surprised how far a set of refreshed and reenergized fitness accessories will go towards reclaiming your motivation and willingness to get moving.

You know when you get new Airlift Leggings that smooth and sculpt in all the right places, and wearing them to Pilates transforms you into a pulse master?

Well, the same goes for activewear accessories making them our newest little hack for mid-week fitness slumps.

Throwing on a neon scrunchie that holds the perfect pony and unrolling an oversized yoga mat in a color that makes you feel inspired can be all it takes to transform your mood – and your workout. Like a shot of espresso, minus the caffeine.

Here’s our top 5 activewear accessories that’ll inspire, motivate, and squash even the most compelling excuse to skip your Wednesday night spin class… 

Model laying on highlighter yellow alo yoga mat by the pool.


The mat is supposed to be your happy place – a little rectangular oasis where you breathe deep, get inspired, and set the course for your day.

With so much weighing on this little rolled up friend of ours, we need a mat that gets us excited to get grounded (even on the days when we want to throw a blanket over it and ourselves and flip on the newest episode of our latest tv show binge).

The best hack to get your mind off the screen and on the mat? Our oh-so-magical Warrior Mat.

Besides yogis everywhere agreeing that the performance of this mat changes lives, the bright colors of tie dyes and perfect pinks spark much-needed motivation and feel-good vibes into your practice.

Bright colors make us happy – like when summer rolls around and we can’t wait to pull out the Parisian Pinks, Green Apples, and Neon Apricots – so get yourself a mat in a color that energizes and inspires you.

Whether it’s Highlighter or Bright Aqua Tie-Dye, count on saying BYE to mid-class frustration over slipping hands and HELLO to end-of-class excitement to hold a forearm plank for 3 extra breaths – never-ever-slip grip, extra roomy, and the perfect amount of cushion you and your joints will love.

With an energizing presence, a performance-driven design, and a sustainable makeup of non-toxic materials that make final Savasana truly blissful, the Warrior Mat refreshes your practice from the ground up. There’s a reason it’s our #1 activewear accessory that we simply couldn’t live without.

@saraorreg wearing neon orange biker shorts and neon orange sports bra with a neon pink scrunchie.


Now that you’re grounded, get your head in the game. It’s all about finding the small, but mighty hacks that rejuvenate your drive to get moving, and this is one of our bests.

At Alo, our goal is to inspire people to move mindfully, live consciously, and in turn, change the vibration of the world. How? We make top-notch activewear that inspires you onto your mat.

Although we’ll always design leggings you never want to take off, sports bras that lift & smooth, and now tennis skirts you’ll want to check out if you haven’t already, we also live for the little pieces and props that reenergize a look and your Monday morning movement motivation.

The easiest, most efficient way? The Neon Scrunchie.

It’s bright, it’s fun, it holds the perfectly poofed pony we all try to achieve, and it spices up any workout (without pre-workout).

Nothing against the classic black hairband, but it’s just not what’s going to get us moving when we’re in the slump. A neon scrunchie reverberating all of the energy and vibrancy we need? That’ll do the trick.

Grab a scrunchie and watch your inspiration go (ne)-off.

@daianesodre wearing a bright red workout set and sporty black and red sneakers.


Your feet absorb jump squats and chair poses and then effortlessly carry you on trips to the grocery store, to happy hours, and to the beach – it’s no wonder they don’t want to move an inch after a jam-packed week.

Those feet of yours work hard, and it’s time to celebrate all they do for you by providing them with the love & support they deserve – the Women’s Wanderer Sneaker.

Whether it’s the high-ankle style or the snug knit comfort, we don’t want to take these off – and, thankfully, we don’t have to. The Wanderer Sneaker jam packs performance and style into two cushioned soles that provide all the motivation you need to lace up and get going.

Forgot that one ingredient for the dinner you’re making tonight? Need a change of setting for your usual WFH sitch? Throw on your It Girl PantsHalo Bra Tank Top, and Wanderer Sneaker for a look that you’ll want to showcase to the world.

Feeling some pain in the balls of your feet that lighten the load of the sumo pulses from Adrienne Kimberly’s Total Body Sweat? Us too. We know that getting your feet ready for more action is going to take more than a pep talk, and the Wanderer Sneaker is our tried-and-true hack.

@jessicamichel wearing black biker shorts, an oversized quarter zip jacket, and a holographic visor.

The kind of shade that protects from harmful rays and workout excuses – the Solar Visor.

Somedays we wake up with all the puff and bags from a stressful work week filled with sleepless nights. As much as we don’t want to throw on our Wanderer Sneakers and hit the pavement for a neighborhood run, we need to. We need something to remind us that a good sweat is exactly what our bodies yearn for (as much as it doesn’t feel like it).

Because no one likes squinting during a run – and because we know that looking good and feeling good means tacking on a few minutes of sprints – we created a visor that gets the job done.

With a hard holographic bill, you’ll add a high-shine detail that’ll be the reason you get out the door.

Pro tip: a tennis look is not just for the Instagram shot – pair your Solar Visor with your Match Point Tennis Skirt for walks, lunches, errands, and basically any other outing (because this looks good on and off the court).

Woman using a highlighter yellow yoga strap to deepen her practice on the mat.


When the soreness sets in from yesterday’s Alo in the Wild stack, today’s workout seems less likely to happen. Although we’re told to express gratitude for our body and whatever movement it’s allowing today, it’s inevitably frustrating when we can’t bend as deep as we would like.

As we prematurely count our shortcomings, the motivation to workout gets smaller and smaller (until we’ve completely abandoned all hope for a sweat).

Our favorite hack for these extra tight days is hands down the Alo Yoga Strap – a durable, nylon webbing that makes flexibility goals more attainable, our pre- and post-workout stretching more impactful, and our trips to & from the studio more graceful (yes, it doubles as a yoga mat carrier).

Colors make all the difference – it’s science. So find the one yoga strap in a color that speaks to you, and it’ll become the piece you can’t wait to break out on the days of stiffness (and on the days you’re feeling extra bendy too).

Show us how you’re styling your activewear accessories & turning your mid-week slump into your favorite time of the week by tagging @alo in your Instagram posts!

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