What It’s Like to Eat Like Kate Hudson—For 3 Days

What do celebs and models really eat before major events like fashion week and the Oscars? A lot more than you may think.


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The latest diet plan du jour comes courtesy of Sakara Life. The all-vegan delivery food program is a catered mainstay backstage at runway shows, and celebs likeKate Hudson, Louise Roe and Molly Sims are fans. But how does it stack up for the less rich and famous?

We put two E! staffers with very different dietary habits to the test: Dominique, lover of carbohydrates, sweets and McDonald’s breakfasts, and Kailey, a pretty clean eater who occasionally splurges at social settings.



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Here, their daily thoughts…





Dominque’s Scorecard
Winner: The breakfast was a 10. Rose water all the way!
Loser: The kelp noodles (from meal two) were actually very good, but it left me wanting more of them.
Status: The foccacia was the satisfying part, but the red beet borscht left me hungry. I did, however, somehow resist Taco Bell, as my boyfriend ate it beside me. I think that had more to do with proving to myself I could rather than actually being full, though.

Kailey’s Scorecard
Winner: Loved breakfast! The almond butter milk really added to the flavor.
Loser: By dinner, I was very hungry (not good for someone who can tend to get a bit Hangry). The real disappointment came when I broke apart my focaccia, a.k.a. my only hope for a source of carbs, and found olives (top five least favorite foods) all up in that focaccia.
Takeaway: Overall, I would say today was a good first day—definitely hungry and tired, but I didn’t find myself having a headache or anything (even without satisfying my coffee addiction).




Dominque’s Scorecard
Winner: I ate the burrito bowl and enjoyed it!
Loser: I was surprised at how carb and sugar heavy the breakfasts seemed to be.
Status: I charged through the diet like a champ this day and felt really good after the day was done. I did, however, cheat and ate that fourth meal because I realized I was so hungry by the end of the day that it was causing me to feel anxious and moody.

Kailey’s Scorecard
Winner: The burrito bowl—as a Mexican food lover this was a perfect combo of my favorite elements put together and was very filling.
Loser: The cobb salad was not my favorite salad but not my least favorite thing.
Status: I didn’t end this day feeling hungry at all, which was great. Honestly, at this point I could probably do this for a full week! I felt like superstar status drinking my night water and dozing off.




Dominque’s Scorecard
Winner: I LOVED the banh mi part but did not touch the surrounding mountain of salad around it. Not that salad is a bad thing—it was just too much greenery for me to handle all in one sitting since I do not normally eat like this.
Loser: The only thing I didn’t like was that the waffles were cold and had a pretty gritty texture—similar to gluten-free bread.
Status: OK, TMI, but I felt a lot more regulated in a digestive sense as well. I was going to the bathroom at a very regular rate and I was never bloated after any meal. I loved that so much!

Kailey’s Scorecard
Winner: I loved the syrup and even thought the waffles themselves were pretty dense. Warming them up and cutting the strawberry on the top really made for a tasty meal.
Loser: I loved the banh mi but really felt like the lettuce was too much on this one. I almost didn’t feel like my body needed that much lettuce and I was pretty full after the wrap.
Status: Today was an awesome last day. I even hit a boxing class, so basically I’m just living Gigi Hadid‘s life at this point—definitely not complaining.


Dominique’s Final Verdict: I would recommend this to those who have incredible self-control and have done cleanses like this before. I celebrated the end of the program with a chicken taco and bean and cheese burrito—and washed it down with that green night water. It’s all about balance, right?

Kailey’s Final Verdict: I really loved the way this was laid out and I do think moving forward in life I will incorporate some of the methods and meal ideas into my daily life. The surprising part was the size of each meal—salads were pretty big and filling for the most part. I have pretty good self-control when it comes to things like this but, honestly, I didn’t really feel like cheating at any point, minus the coffee hiccup—hey, a girl’s gotta live!


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