Kitchen Organization Ideas

Kitchen Organization Ideas

Kitchen Organization Ideas is something you may think you have down until you look on Pinterest or Instagram and are completely inspired to revamp your digs. Are you ready?

1. Start with a blank space 

Did we just get Taylor Swift’s song in our head?  Kitchen Organization Ideas

OK to properly tackle an organization project, start by emptying out all shelves and drawers you plan to redesign. Purge through your items and decide to only keep the ones that you regularly use. Toss any expired items and donate anything else you don’t need.

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2. Redesign with containers

The difference between an organized cabinet and a beautifully organized cabinet is the aesthetic and this comes from the containers and colors. Taking food out of plastic or cardboard containers and placing them in glass will work wonders.

Plan the layout of the space by placing containers. Glass containers, baskets, lazy susans, and spice racks can be intermixed to organize your items. 

When to use clear containers vs. baskets?

Use clear containers for items that are ediblevisually appealing, and that you prefer to see(i.e. to know how much you have left). Use baskets or other opaque containers for items that can be stowed for longer periods of time.

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Lazy susans save space and make items more accessible. A two-tier like this lazy susan from Saganizer is great because it gives you twice the space. Use them to store similar types of items, like condiments, as shown below.

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3. Refill with intent

Purge what you don’t need and refill with the items you use and love. Place items you use the most at arm’s length and at eye level. Use pullout drawers to give more accessibility to drawers or shelves that are harder to reach. If adding a pullout drawer isn’t an option, use a shallow basket instead and place all items in the basket.

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4. Label It

Use a water-based paint marker to label your containers.

5. Sort Into Groups

Whether you have tons of tea, Nespresso capsules, candy, vitamins, etc., make a space just for them as a group. Find containers that fit the items and sort them accordingly.

Birch Lane

6. Color-Code

After you’ve got everything where it should be, color-coding will make the space even more visually appealing.

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