My Current Workout Routine

Alright girls, after many requests I’m finally writing it all down for you! I dont know why I haven’t shared more details here, but it’s probably because I can’t keep everything organized all the time by myself. But I assure you all, I’m seeing that this is what you would really like to hear from me. So anyways, I am making this a priority to share more here! I remember so well before the virus came last year that I had said I was taking my extensions out so I could get in the best shape of my life. Haha… I just couldn’t get anything done with those dumb things in. I just knew I wanted to spend more time on my fitness routine and less time drying my hair. 😉

I finally made working out a top priority this year and ended up working out so much just to stay sane in this lockdown madness. So these are my current GOTO workouts, I know you will love them! 

THESE BANDS have been the game changer for me. I have been doing all the workouts I can find on YouTube with these bands. Between the peloton and band workouts I am loving my new routine. Here is what my week typically look like.

3x a week: I typically do some sort of cardio. I love the Peloton, but some days I am so tired, so I will do a YouTube hiit workout like this one here. I usually only do 20 or 30 minutes on the Peloton and the same for any other cardio I do. I just turned 40 and I want to try to stay young looking. When I lose too much fat, I feel like it makes me look old. So I like to keep some of my shape and too much cardio just drains me. 

3x a week: I do band workouts and ab workouts from YouTube. Some of my favorites are Lilly Sabre, Lisa from Bodyrock, or anyone that has a slim figure. I like a softer look rather than too much muscle. So I dont do too much heavy lifting with weights. I know so many girls say you wont get bulky from heavy weights, but I dont like too much muscle definition either. It’s totally a personal preference. You will find what works best for your body. It’s definitely a balance trying to stay a little soft but have some definition in my butt and legs.

I also love to go for walks, during the lockdowns, we walked everyday for at least an hour. It was our relief from the house and now I just love a good walk everyday. I hope this helps you guys with my routine. It is always changing so I will try to keep you updated on any new workouts I find.


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